It’s normal to have questions when considering any cosmetic procedure. That is why all procedures start with a consultation. But if you are currently unhappy with your facial profile there is very little downside to investing in chin augmentation surgery. Here are a few of the key benefits.

  • Permanent results after one procedure. Unlike some procedures that involve ongoing maintenance, this surgery is one and done.
  • Chin implants are nearly undetectable to the average person. They both look and feel like your natural bone structure.
  • Low-risk procedure. Of course, no surgery comes without an element of risk, but chin implant surgery is short, and extremely low risk.
  • Minimal scarring. Chin implant surgery leaves virtually no scarring, incisions are practically undetectable after the healing process

Options. Depending on your specific facial structure Dr. Larsen can present you with different implant options for different sizes and shapes to customize the most flattering look for your face.