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How a woman feels about her body has a significant impact on her self-confidence and how comfortable she is with intimacy. Age, childbirth and certain genetic factors can all affect the appearance of the labia and may lead to a woman feeling embarrassed or even abnormal. Dr. Alan Larsen, a caring, talented double board-certified plastic surgeon, can perform a labiaplasty vaginal rejuvenation procedure in Atlanta to help women feel more confident about their bodies.

Labiaplasty can be a life-changing procedure and often provides women with several positive benefits. If you are uncomfortable due to skin laxity, largeness or asymmetry of the labia, or other aesthetic concerns with the area around your vagina, labiaplasty can help boost your self-confidence so you can feel more comfortable and love every inch of your body.

Labiaplasty Next Steps

If you think labiaplasty is the right choice for you, we invite you to give our office a call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Larsen.

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, the cost of your labiaplasty procedure will be around $4,500. Click here for more information on financing your vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

“The timing of the procedure was excellent and I was allowed to leave the hospital according to the plan.”*
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Curious about the kinds of results you can expect from labiaplasty with Dr. Larsen? Please schedule a consultation to view some labiaplasty before and after photos or click here to view other body surgery results.

Preparing for Labiaplasty

Choosing to undergo labiaplasty is a very big decision that many women wish to keep private. Your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Larsen will cover the steps of your surgery, and the two of you will work together to develop a treatment plan designed around your unique condition and personal goals.

Dr. Larsen will perform your labiaplasty surgery under a local anesthesia. Your surgery will be customized to address your own personal concerns with the external area of your vagina. Dr. Larsen will make small incisions to remove excess skin and improve the natural contours of the labia.

After Labiaplasty

Once your labiaplasty is complete, you may feel some numbness or discomfort of the surgical area. Pain medications can be used to control pain, but this should last no longer than a few days. Ice packs can also be used to ease any discomfort.

It is important that you refrain from any sexual intercourse for about 4-6 weeks in order to properly heal from surgery. Lighter activities and low-impact forms of exercise can normally be resumed within a week of your surgery. Jogging, running, and other higher levels of activity should be avoided for about 1-2 weeks.

Depending on your job, you should plan to take a few days to a couple of weeks off. You should be able to resume desk and office jobs fairly quickly, but other jobs that require more activity and movement should be avoided for about two full weeks.

While most patients notice an immediate change in the look of their labia after surgery, the results will typically become more apparent as the healing process continues. Women are often thrilled with the results of their labiaplasty and enjoy long-lasting benefits from their surgery.



The Top Questions About Labiaplasty

What is a labiaplasty?2020-09-18T02:35:13-04:00

This term labiaplasty refers to a medical procedure that reduces the length of the labia minora. It’s the procedure that is often referred to as vaginal rejuvenation and can relieve the discomfort women experience from the tugging of the labia. 

It’s common for a woman’s body to change as it ages, after childbirth or due to menopause. However, these factors do not have to have a negative effect on how you feel about your body, or how it looks. Labiaplasty is an extremely common procedure and can restore your self-confidence in the appearance of your body and also increase your comfort level.  

One of the most common questions we receive for this procedure is “what kind of anesthesia is used?”. Labiaplasty is a procedure that can be done under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. Dr. Larsen will discuss your options with you prior to the procedure and choose the option that will make you the most comfortable. 

What does a labiaplasty do?2020-09-18T02:36:29-04:00

The goal of this procedure is to reduce the size of the labia minora so that it doesn’t hang below the labia majora. This is a common condition for women after childbirth. A labiaplasty surgery might be performed to reduce asymmetry or to reduce the length of both labia. 

There are two common reasons for this surgery. One is for functional purposes, and one is for cosmetics. Functionally, enlarged labia minora can cause discomfort for some women during certain activities. Horseback riding, biking, or even intercourse can be quite painful. It can also cause more minor but still uncomfortable issues like itching or chaffing. 

Cosmetically some women find that asymmetry or simply disfiguration in this area because of trauma or childbirth makes them self conscious. We want you to love every inch of your body and we will be intentional to discuss this very personal issue with you in a professional way. 

What is the cost of a labiaplasty in Atlanta?2020-09-18T02:37:18-04:00

According to recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of this procedure is $2,924. However those averages are not an all inclusive price, as they do not include operating room expenses, anesthesia, or other related expenses. 

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery this procedure starts at $4,000. In an effort to meet the needs of more patients, Dr. Larsen has started working with several companies that offer medical financing to patients who qualify. To find out a more specific quote for your procedure, call us today to book your free consultation.

How does recovery work?2020-09-18T02:38:32-04:00

Before any surgical procedure, it’s common to be curious about the recovery. Although recovery can vary from person to person, most patients find that they can return to work within about a week following this procedure. 

Swelling is a normal part of the recovery of this procedure and we will send you home with instructions to manage this as well as your discomfort. It’s not unusual to be instructed to ice the area that has been treated or asked to wear a compression garment. 

There are a few lifestyle adjustments you can make to help your body heal, like lying on your back to relieve pressure and reduce swelling in the days following your surgery.  However, you’ll find that each day after the surgery you will experience more comfort and after 4-6 weeks you’ll be able to resume having intercourse and wear tampons as needed.

How long do the results last?2020-09-18T02:39:26-04:00

Labiaplasty surgery typically results in a shorter labia, specifically it will surgically correct your body so that your labia will no longer hang down below the labia majora. Most patients who experienced discomfort from this issue generally find relief after surgery. While the results of this procedure are considered permanent, your body will continue to change as you age. This procedure is not recommended if you are still planning additional pregnancies. 

The results of any plastic surgery are going to vary from person to person. It’s dependent on your personal body chemistry, your physical condition, and your surgeon’s skill. However, this is a surgery that comes with an extremely high satisfaction rate. In fact, according to multiple studies labiaplasty surgery is associated with a satisfaction rate of over 90%. 

Why Choose Buckhead Plastic Surgery for Your Labiaplasty Surgery2020-09-18T02:40:41-04:00

Anytime you’re considering surgery it’s a major decision. When that surgery affects one of the most sensitive areas of your body it’s a lot more to consider. It’s always a good idea to research both the procedure you’re considering and also your surgeon. 

Dr. Larsen is a double board-certified plastic surgeon. He has been performing this specific procedure successfully for many years. He’s trained with some of the best surgeons in the country and maintains all of his credentials.

Not only is he an extremely skilled and talented surgeon, he takes your comfort seriously. This is a procedure that many find intimidating and often feel vulnerable discussing. Dr. Larsen is a professional, and he will take all of your questions seriously and answer you honestly. 

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery we work hard to make sure you’re comfortable at every stage of your procedure, call us today to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Larsen will meet with you and answer all of your questions, present to you your options, and explain the procedure. 

If you think this treatment would benefit you or enhance your life don’t hesitate to call us today to book your free consultation. A consultation is a perfect time to ask questions and learn about new products and services we are offering. We even offer a variety of payment plans for our treatments. 

Don’t wait another day to start living your best life. We want you to feel confident about your whole body. So call us today to book your free consultation and find out what kind of treatments would be best for you. Your only regret will be that you didn’t call us sooner.  We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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Alan N. Larsen, MD.

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Dr. Larsen established Buckhead Plastic Surgery as a boutique practice to offer world-class, personalized service to women and men throughout the Southeast. Dr. Larsen’s compassion and talent are complemented by his elite training with some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.

The beautiful staff at Buckhead Plastic Surgery and LUX Med Spa. Centered is Dr. Alan N Larsen, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
About | Buckhead Plastic Surgery-northeast Atlanta | Plastic Surgery

Alan N. Larsen, MD.Double Board-Certified Atlanta Plastic SurgeonDr. Larsen established Buckhead Plastic Surgery as a boutique practice to offer world-class, personalized service to women and men throughout the Southeast. Dr. Larsen’s compassion and talent are complemented by his elite training with some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.

The beautiful staff at Buckhead Plastic Surgery and LUX Med Spa. Centered is Dr. Alan N Larsen, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
About | Buckhead Plastic Surgery-northeast Atlanta | Plastic Surgery

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