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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Plenty of Atlanta med spas offer BOTOX Cosmetic treatments, but few can provide the personalized attention and experienced injectors we have at our full-service medical spa. BOTOX is the world’s most popular cosmetic treatment because it softens unwanted frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes, in addition to temporarily minimizing horizontal forehead wrinkles. Getting the results you want, though, requires an experienced injector who understands facial anatomy and produces results that look natural.

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Benefits of Choosing a Diamond Provider for BOTOX® in Atlanta

Our practice has achieved Diamond status from Allergan, the maker of BOTOX, JUVÉDERM, and KYBELLA products. Only about 3% of providers in the U.S. achieve this status, which is based on the volume of Allergan products used.

This means our injectors have an extremely high level of experience using these products, and that we have earned a reputation as a trusted provider. Additionally, here at Buckhead Plastic Surgery, our status earns us special pricing on Allergan products, which translates to savings for you.

Learn more about how BOTOX injections at our Buckhead medical spa can help you look rested and refreshed. “Request a consultation using the online form to get a comprehensive skin care evaluation, or call LUX Med Spa at (404) 367.9005 to schedule an appointment. You can even make a same-day appointment.

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How Much Does BOTOX Cost?

The price of BOTOX varies based on your individual needs, but the cost per treatment in the Atlanta area typically begins at $200 and increases with the number of areas being treated. At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, we charge $13 per unit of BOTOX used. If you’re looking for good deals on BOTOX treatments, we frequently have specials and rebates. Be sure to check our specials page for current BOTOX promotions.

Brilliant Distinctions

You can earn reward points each time you get BOTOX Cosmetic or JUVÉDERM® XC treatments, or purchase a box of LATISSE®. Rebates are instantly awarded; no mailing is necessary. Your reward points are emailed to you immediately after you have a treatment.

Treatment Rewards

  • $25 reward value for each Botox treatment
  • $25 for each syringe of JUVÉDERM
  • $12.50 for every LATISSE kit purchased.

These rewards can be used as cash toward any future treatment, even in conjunction with other special treatment offers from Buckhead Plastic Surgery. Sign up now to start earning Brilliant Distinctions rewards. It’s easy.

BOTOX Side Effects

Numerous studies have shown BOTOX to be an extremely safe and reliable treatment. Bruising at the injection site is the most common side effect following a BOTOX treatment. The bruising usually resolves very quickly. Some patients may develop a rash and swelling at the injection site. Non-treated muscles may be affected but this is very rare. There is an extremely rare allergic reaction to the medication. Do not use BOTOX if you have an infection at the injection site, are allergic to any of its ingredients, are pregnant or think you might be pregnant. Consult with Dr. Larsen before starting treatment if you have any diseases affecting your nerves or muscles.

After Your BOTOX Treatment

Following your injections, you may notice a small fine bump and a little redness. This reaction to the injection usually resolves in 30 minutes to an hour. The following morning if you rub your fingers over the areas that were injected you may find a little sore spot. Strenuous activity should be limited for the first 48 hours following your injections. Most patients can return to work or their daily activities right after they leave our office.

  • The individual injection sites may be slightly tender to touch for 2 to 3 days.
  • There may be a small bruise associated with one of the injection sites (experienced by about 1% of patients at Dr. Larsen’s practice).
  • Patients usually return to everyday activities immediately after the procedure.
  • Patients are advised not to participate in strenuous activity for 48 hours.

Combining Treatments

Many of our patients combine BOTOX injections with our treatments, such as injectable fillers or other facial treatments. Ask our cosmetic specialists about creating a customized treatment plan that can address any skin care concerns you may have.

Save Every Month

The LUX Med Spa Membership Program is a great way to maintain a consistent skin care regimen at affordable prices. LUXurious Skin Members can take advantage of exclusive savings every month on some of our medical spa’s most popular treatments.

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Botox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Botox Cosmetic?2019-11-26T14:53:49-05:00

Botox is an injectable cosmetic to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. It works by reducing the muscle function of facial muscles that with repeated use can lead to wrinkles. Botox is the only FDA approved cosmetic treatment of it’s kind to temporarily reduce frown lines, crows feet, and forehead lines. 

Botox is a product designed to target repetitive muscle movement, which is one of the underlying causes of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is injected into the muscle which will temporarily reduce muscle activity. The reduced activity will allow lines and wrinkles to smooth away. 

Many people pair Botox products with cosmetic fillers such as Juvéderm to fill fine lines, plump lips, add volume and more. In fact, when you call to book your consultation feel free to ask us which product combinations would be best for your optimal results. 

How much research has been done on Botox Cosmetic?2019-11-26T14:55:32-05:00

Botox is the most heavily used and researched cosmetic product of its kind. It has over a 16 year track record and approval for use in 98 countries. In fact, the safety and efficacy of Botox has been featured in 528 peer reviewed articles in scientific and medical journals. In summary, Botox has been used for years and has been proven to be safe and effective. Your only regret will be not trying it sooner.  

Is Botox Cosmetic only for women?2019-11-26T14:56:52-05:00

Not at all, men have been using Botox since the beginning but in the last 3 years alone there has been a dramatic rise in men using Botox products. Botox services are the most popular with men between 30-60 and the areas they most want to treat include crows feet, forehead, and frown lines. There is no reason why you should be unhappy with the reflection you see in the mirror, male or female. LUX Med Spa boasts a patient base of both male and female patients, with many men enjoying other LUX services such as skincare treatments and massages, as well.  

How much time does the treatment take?2019-11-26T14:57:55-05:00

A typical Botox appointment will take less than half an hour from start to finish. The actual injection process takes less than 10 minutes. Your master injector will sit with you, discuss your treatment goals and perform a facial analysis to determine your optimal treatment areas. There is a reason Botox is referred to as the “lunch break procedure”. Botox requires minimal downtime so patients can immediately resume work, although they are asked to avoid exercise for the remainder of the day. Patients may experience slight redness on the injection site, which resembles tiny mosquito bites, but this fades very quickly. 

Does it Hurt?2019-11-26T14:59:36-05:00

This is one of the most common questions we receive regarding Botox. Some patients report the feeling of a pinch at the injection site. If you are concerned about discomfort, tell your technician and it’s possible to apply a topical numbing cream to make you more comfortable during your treatments. 

The most common side effect of Botox is bruising at the injection site. This is usually minimal and dissipates within a few days. It is common for the individual injection sites to be tender to the touch for 2-3 days after the procedure.

How long do results last?2019-11-26T15:01:51-05:00

Results will become apparent in 3-10 days, some patients may experience faster onset than others. Maximum results can be seen at two weeks, in which touch ups can be done if necessary. For moderate to severe lines, results can last up to 4 months. But it truly varies from patient to patient as each person’s body chemistry will determine the longevity of the treatment. 

Don’t forget to inquire about cosmetic fillers while your in our office. Botox is an incredible product but sometimes an additional filler is needed to restore youthful fullness to the affected areas and reduce the look of sagging skin or wrinkles. 

Does Botox remove deep wrinkles?2019-11-26T15:04:30-05:00

Yes. Botox is the only FDA approved cosmetic treatment of its kind that temporarily removes the look of frown lines, forehead creases, and crows feet. Although results are better if you begin using treatments before lines are deep, to prevent deep lines. 

How much does Botox Cost?2020-12-07T01:47:02-05:00

The cost of Botox depends on your needs and the number of injections you would need to treat the areas you would like to improve. Treatments in the Atlanta area begin at $200 and increase with each area added. At LUX Med Spa, we currently charge $13 per vile used. We frequently run specials on Botox, as well as offer a membership program called Brilliant Distinctions, which rewards you with points that are emailed to you after each treatment. As money is spent on Botox (and other Allergan products), these rewards can be used as cash toward future treatments.

When can I resume exercise?2019-11-26T15:06:28-05:00

Most patients resume their regular lifestyle within an hour of the procedure. It is recommended that patients resume regular exercise after 24 hours. It is important not to rub or massage the treatment area for 24 hours after the procedure, but most regular daily activities are fine. Patients are also asked to remain upright for 4-6 hours following injections.

Why You Should Choose LUX Med Spa for Your Botox Injections2019-11-26T15:09:48-05:00

LUX Med Spa has a fantastic reputation for excellence in service as well as patient comfort. Dr. Larsen is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and he has assembled a team of handpicked master injectors to perform all injections at LUX Med Spa. He has chosen his staff for their reputation for excellence to maintain the high level of patient care and optimal results you would expect from our offices. 

In fact, our practice has received special recognition and achieved Diamond Status from Allergan. (Allergan is the producer of Botox, Juvéderm, and Kybella) Only about 3% of providers nationwide achieve this status. It is awarded based on the amount of product used by a practice. This means our master injectors have extensive experience in providing an excellent service. Our Diamond Status also allows us to have special pricing on products, and we pass those savings on to you.  

If you think Botox is right for you, call us today and schedule your consultation. One of our talented master injections will sit with you, answer any questions you have and explain the process to you. You’ll be able to view before and after pictures and get recommendations for your optimal results. We want everyone to look their best. Call us today and see if Botox can make a difference for you.

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The before-and-after photos of Dr. Larsen’s actual patients showcase the kind of results he consistently achieves.

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Don’t miss out on our unique events and special pricing on treatments at Buckhead Plastic Surgery and LUX Med Spa.

Patient Photo Gallery The before-and-after photos of Dr. Larsen’s actual patients showcase the kind of results he consistently achieves.

Specials & Events Don’t miss out on our unique events and special pricing on treatments at Buckhead Plastic Surgery and LUX Med Spa.

Alan N. Larsen, MD.

Double Board-Certified Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Larsen established Buckhead Plastic Surgery as a boutique practice to offer world-class, personalized service to women and men throughout the Southeast. Dr. Larsen’s compassion and talent are complemented by his elite training with some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.


Alan N. Larsen, MD.Double Board-Certified Atlanta Plastic SurgeonDr. Larsen established Buckhead Plastic Surgery as a boutique practice to offer world-class, personalized service to women and men throughout the Southeast. Dr. Larsen’s compassion and talent are complemented by his elite training with some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.

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