Neck lift surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about 2 hours to complete. Typically a neck lift involves a series of small incisions starting about halfway up the ear and running down around the earlobes and into the hairline; Another small incision is placed under the chin. Using these two incisions, the skin can be elevated, the fat removed, the underlying muscles tightened, and the excess skin trimmed and tightened. Dr. Larsen is very intentional about the placement of the incisions. His goal is always to provide you with the maximum result and minimal visible scarring. 

After the incisions are made fat is removed or sculpted for a more flattering contour. Often the platysma muscle is tightened and the tissue on your neck is repositioned. Your skin is draped over the new contours of your neck and any excess skin is removed before closing the incisions.