The first question most people ask is, am I a good candidate for this procedure? We’re glad you asked, and that is actually a pretty short checklist.

  • Are you in good physical health? Good physical health will allow your body to respond better during surgery and heal faster afterward making the whole experience more comfortable for you.
  • Is your facial growth complete? Nose jobs are not recommended for young teens who are still growing.  We don’t recommend having a rhinoplasty before you are 15 or 16 years old.
  • Do you have a positive outlook and realistic goals for this procedure? This is very important. The best candidates for Rhinoplasty want to improve the look of their nose but have realistic expectations of what’s possible, and what will best suit their facial structure, Dr. Larsen will provide you with digital images that will help you visualize your new look to aide in this process.
  • Are you a non-smoker? We all know the risks of smoking, but to be nose job specific here smoking can complicate the healing process and increase your risk of complication and infection. Nobody wants that.

If you said yes to all of those questions it might be time to make an appointment for a consultation. During your consultation Dr. Larsen will sit down with you, he can answer your questions and discuss your options. He will evaluate your facial structure along with the proportion and structure of your nose, then he will work with you to create a customized plan based on your goals.  

Rhinoplasty is generally outpatient surgery (although arrangements can be made for an overnight stay, most people prefer the comforts of home), and is performed under general anesthesia. The type of surgery you will have varies by individual patient and is affected by your current facial structure and your goals moving forward.