A neck lift is a common cosmetic procedure and is often paired with a facelift. However, a neck lift is a fantastic stand-alone procedure. Many people are unhappy with the contours of their neck, especially adults showing signs of aging, sagging, previous dramatic weight loss, etc. The neck is a highly visible area of your body and often ages prematurely. With age, the muscles in the neck naturally weaken, and a common result of this is visible vertical bands on the neck. Along with the bands, it’s also common for fat to accumulate under the chin as we age. This causes the skin to stretch and as gravity takes a toll it begins to sag. 

A neck lift is a surgery that restores the youthful contours of the neck. Surgically the neck lift removes the excess skin and fat deposits to enhance a more youthful appearance and profile. The best candidates for a neck lift are non-smokers who are in good health and are within their ideal weight. Good candidates have loose or sagging skin along with the neck or under the chin, visible vertical bands on the neck, or accumulated fat under the chin that they would like removed. If the neck area of your body is making you feel self-conscience maybe a neck lift is for you. Patients who receive a neck lift from Dr. Larsen are extremely pleased with the results and the greatest regret we hear from our patients concerning this procedure is that they didn’t call sooner.