Many women worry about gaining weight or losing their toned figures during the recovery period because too much movement can not only be painful, but it can disrupt the healing process. Not to worry! We know what to expect from this procedure, so we can help you navigate the recovery process and get back to working out full steam ahead.

In the weeks after your breast augmentation, expect to experience a little swelling and bruising in your chest. This means your activity level should be light and your upper body movements should be limited. Because you need to refrain from strenuous activity, the best way to manage your body during the early stages of recovery is to eat healthily. However, you can still remain active and slowly build your activity level as you as heal by following these suggestions:

Take Leisurely Walks

The first three weeks of recovery are going to be the toughest, so you should focus more on resting and healing than activity. However, taking slow leisurely walks for about 15 minutes every hour will help your body stay engaged so it can heal. Furthermore, you can actually burn more calories by taking slow walks than brisk walks, which means you won’t have to worry about putting on pounds during recovery, especially if you’re eating well!

Activity Level Differs Depending on Placement of Breast Implant

Activity level and timing differ depending on the placement of your breast implants. Read below to learn the differences in activity during recovery.

Resuming Exercise For Placement Above the Muscle

With above the muscle implants, recovery is a bit faster. Once you hit the third week of recovery for above the muscle implants, you can increase the weight you’re able to lift to 10 pounds. You can resume all exercises including swimming, running, and upper body strength training. Make sure you are gradually increasing your activity level, so you don’t overwork your body.

Resuming Exercise For Placement Below the Muscle

With below the muscle implants, recovery is slower and healing takes slightly longer. Once you hit the third week of recovery when implants are replaced below the muscle, you can resume all cardio activity. It is advised and recommended to wait eight weeks before you can resume all upper body & chest workouts.

Keep in mind that everyone heals differently, so if you think you’re experiencing delayed recovery or complications, then consult with your plastic surgeon before resuming your normal workout routine.

Once you’re fully recovered, your breast enhancements will not interfere with your active lifestyle. However, while you are still recovering, make sure you have a good supportive sports bra that will keep your breasts firmly in place. You are back to normal and looking the best ever!

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