What is a breast lift?

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery that lifts the breasts by removing excess skin. This process tightens the surrounding tissue to create a more youthful breast shape. This procedure is a cosmetic surgery that improves the perkiness of your breasts. It’s common for women to experience sagging after childbirth, weight loss, genetics, or the normal aging process. Many women choose a breast lift because they prefer a more youthful silhouette. 

Sometimes patients opt to resize their areolas or reposition their nipples to improve breast projection. These subtle changes can boose a patients’ esteem and enhance their confidence. The results are a perkier rounded breast whether you’re wearing a bra. 

Although many women choose to schedule a breast lift for cosmetic reasons, there are many medical benefits to receiving a breast lift. In this post, we’re going to explore those benefits so you can determine if a breast lift might be the right procedure for you! 

Breast Lift and Implants

Better posture

Better posture is one of the most reported benefits of a breast lift. This is because the weight of your breasts can cause women to slouch or cause the shoulders to roll forward and in slightly. Over time this bad posture can have repercussions on your entire body and ultimately affect your quality of life! 

By repositioning the breasts higher on your torso and closer to your chest, less pulling happens on your back. Many patients find they stand up straighter after this procedure. Multiple studies have shown that having good posture can lead to fewer headaches, less tension in your shoulders and neck, and decreased joint wear. Good posture has also been shown to leave you with greater energy levels, better circulation, digestion, and even rising self-esteem.

Increased Comfort

When breasts begin to sag, they weigh heavily into your bra; these results are uncomfortable bra straps digging into your shoulders or behind your back. Many women feel that they can’t wear the bras they want because it will be too painful. Breasts that sag can also lead to skin rubbing against skin. Over time, that friction can lead to chafing or infections in the worst-case scenario. Outside of these external issues, there is also internal discomfort; sagging breasts pull against the muscles that support the neck and back, leading to chronic pain over time. All of these issues can be resolved with a breast lift. This surgery can alleviate the discomfort of a bra, ease skin irritations and improve body pain. Many women love they no longer need a support bra after their surgery.

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Improved mobility

Having large breasts that sag can restrict your range of motion. Many women complain that daily tasks such as cleaning or working out are impossible because of the restricted range of motion. Swimming and other aerobic activities can also be affected. This is especially problematic because moving is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. If your breasts keep you from living the life you want to lead, a breast lift can help. 

Many of our patients have reported enjoying exercise again after a breast lift. With their breasts placed higher on their chest, their posture improved, their discomfort lessened, and their range of motion increased. Women feel free to move and live a life they could not before. In addition, without so much weight and movement on the chest, women can partake of a wider variety of physical activities such as running and weight lifting that they might have avoided before their lift surgery. 

More confidence

Of course, we all take pride in our appearance. However, many women experience a boost to their self-esteem and body confidence after a breast lift. Although sagging breasts are a normal part of aging, many women become distressed and even face depression because of the discomfort brought on by sagging breasts. A breast lift can help you relieve this stress and make you feel more confident about your body. Confidence is necessary for health and longevity, and more confident people tend to be more optimistic. This has been linked to a higher quality of life and can also help guard your body against stress and depression. 

Why should I choose Buckhead Plastic Surgery for my breast lift?

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Dr. Larsen’s Breast Augmentation Reviews

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“Between Dr. Larsen, the ladies in his office and the medical staff at Northside, everyone was absolutely outstanding. Extremely knowledgable about the procedure, what to expect before and after surgery, anything between. Would recommend Dr. Larsen to anyone who was looking for a breast augmentation or the Med Spa for additional products.”

“I was highly satisfied with my experience that I have referred 5 ppl to Dr. Larsen. From the beginning to the end I have had awesome communication with the staff as well as Dr. Larsen. I also have gone to the spa and done cool sculpting as well as some other procedures.”

“My experience with Buckhead Plastic Surgery was amazing, from my consultation to all my follow up appointments it has been wonderful. The staff is always helpful and friendly. Dr. Larson was amazing, he listened an answered all or my questions and always made me feel at ease. My results from my breast augmentation have been fantastic I love my new look!”

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