For many women, a breast lift can do wonders to reclaim self-confidence. There’s just something delightful about high, round, perky breasts. This can be especially true during aging or after pregnancy and childbirth when breasts tend to sag and lose their youthful, plump shape. At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, we offer breast lifts with and without implants. So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Can I receive a breast lift without implants,” the answer is absolutely.

Of course, whether or not you will get your desired results without implants depends on many factors. But it is possible to see the benefits of a breast lift without implants. Certain women are better candidates than others, so Dr. Alan Larsen can give you your ideal surgery option after your consultation.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also referred to as mastopexy, is a popular surgery for women who want to “put their breasts back on the shelf,” so to speak. When a breast lift is performed, the goal is to restore the breasts’ youthful appearance. Breast lift surgery removes excess skin and some breast tissue in order to raise and tighten sagging breasts. During the procedure, the breast tissue is reshaped into a more aesthetic appearance resulting in a perkier, rounder appearance. This also offers an enhanced cleavage, and many women notice firming of the breasts, even without implants.

There are a variety of techniques that can be used to achieve desired results. For some women, a breast lift can be performed by removing tissue (a small strip) from above the nipple and repositioning the nipple to a higher spot. For others, an incision around the areola and nipple is required to remove or tighten excess skin.

Why Do Women Get Breast Lifts?

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, we know women choose to have a breast lift for a variety of different reasons. Most of our clients who have breast lifts come to us after they are done having babies, after losing weight, or just because over time our skin loses elasticity and patients miss their lifted, perky breasts. It is often done with a Mommy Makeover where the patient just wants her pre-pregnancy, pre-breastfeeding figure back. 

We also have clients who have large breasts, seeking a breast lift to improve back aches and poor posture by easing the weight of the breasts. Breast lifts can also make stretched nipples appear smaller.

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Reasons for a Breast Lift Without Implants

When receiving a breast lift without implants, it may be a more common option for firmer, more youthful breasts than some women realize. At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, we love having the opportunity to educate women about all breast lift options, whether it includes implants or not. 

Since the native breast tissue can be molded and reshaped during a breast lift, the desired results can be achieved without implants.

Why Women Choose Not to Receive Implants:

Breast Size

If a patient is happy with the size of their breasts while wearing a bra, a breast lift without implants may be the best route. Lifting the existing breast tissue and reforming it with a breast lift can give desired results without implants. 

Breast Volume

For women struggling with the look of a flattened, long breast shape, the tissue can be reshaped during a breast lift. The improved shape and position of the nipple gives the ideal round, perky shape without needing implants.

Saggy Breasts

Similar to volume, if the main concern is sagging breasts, a breast lift without implants can be achieved by tightening existing breast tissue unless the sagging is too severe (ptosis).

Removal of Implants

If existing implants are being removed, a breast lift may be required to address stretched-out skin from the implants. For women who want to size down, but still have full, natural-looking breasts, a breast lift without implants may be the best option.

Weight Loss

For patients who have lost a significant amount of weight or who are in the process of losing weight, receiving implants at the time of a breast lift may not be ideal. These patients may not be good candidates for an implant during a mastopexy.

Cost of Surgery

Simply put, breast lifts without implants cost less. The difference between a mastopexy and a mastopexy with breast augmentation (implants) can be thousands of dollars.

Recovery Time

The less invasive the surgery, the quicker the recovery, so some women want a breast lift without implants for the minimal amount of recovery time.

Future Stress 

Since even the safest, most technologically advanced breast implants will need to be replaced at some point in the future, women do not need to worry about changing out a breast implant if they just get a breast lift.

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The Pros of a Breast Lift With Implants

While it is possible to get fuller, more youthful breasts without implants, there are a lot of pros to doing a breast lift procedure with implants. The main reasons are guaranteed results and results over time.

Small Implants

Some women equate breast implants with size, fearing that implants will be way too big. The truth is that small, almost tiny implants are often used with beautiful results.

Upper Volume

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, even though we can do breast lifts without implants, the result may look much more natural with a small implant for upper volume. Over time, everyone gets a little bit of a slope to their breast, and a small implant will help make everything look more natural.

Results Over Time

A breast lift without implants may provide desired results for a while, but down the road, women may wish they had the long-term guaranteed benefits of implants after all. Receiving implants with a breast lift initially may save time, money, and additional scarring down the road.

Sexy Cleavage

If a woman’s breast aesthetic goal includes enhanced cleavage, the best way to accomplish this is with breast implants. Using implants during a breast lift provides excellent lift, fullness, and symmetry, with gorgeous separation between the breasts.

Fat Transfer

One breast lift technique involves a fat transfer for the fullness. While it may work for some women, it is not a guaranteed solution. A breast lift with implants is the best way to ensure those desired results.  

Why Choose Buckhead Plastic Surgery for Your Breast Lift

Droopy, sagging breasts are a frustrating reality for many women, but breast lift surgery from Dr. Larsen can change that. Let us help you make it happen. Dr. Alan Larsen is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast lift surgery in Atlanta. Women considering breast lift surgery will appreciate Request a consultation today by using our simple online form, or call Buckhead Plastic Surgery at 404.367.9005.

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Dr. Larsen’s Breast Augmentation Reviews

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“Between Dr. Larsen, the ladies in his office and the medical staff at Northside, everyone was absolutely outstanding. Extremely knowledgable about the procedure, what to expect before and after surgery, anything between. Would recommend Dr. Larsen to anyone who was looking for a breast augmentation or the Med Spa for additional products.”

“I was highly satisfied with my experience that I have referred 5 ppl to Dr. Larsen. From the beginning to the end I have had awesome communication with the staff as well as Dr. Larsen. I also have gone to the spa and done cool sculpting as well as some other procedures.”

“My experience with Buckhead Plastic Surgery was amazing, from my consultation to all my follow up appointments it has been wonderful. The staff is always helpful and friendly. Dr. Larson was amazing, he listened an answered all or my questions and always made me feel at ease. My results from my breast augmentation have been fantastic I love my new look!”

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