What are you doing to look your best this year? You could sit around on the couch doing nothing or you could do a little Googling and find out what Hollywood’s hottest stars are doing to look younger, to make their skin look tighter, and to make their lips look fuller. We can guarantee you that the Kims, Khloes, and Kylies of the world didn’t end up looking so fabulous by sitting around; they had a little help. Whatever problem areas you may have, non-surgical aesthetic procedures could be the solution and there’s no better facility in the Atlanta area than LUX Med Spa at Buckhead Plastic Surgery. Here are a few things that put us head and shoulders above the rest:

We’ve got a Renowned Plastic Surgeon on Site

Dr. Alan N. Larsen is one of the Atlanta area’s most respected double board-certified plastic surgeons, with thousands of successful procedures under his belt. He supervises the entire team at LUX Med Spa, so why would you want to go anywhere else? Even if you’re electing a non-surgical procedure, you can rest easy knowing that Dr. Larsen’s high standards of quality apply to everything we do at LUX Med Spa.

We’ve got TWO Master Injectors on Site

If you’re nervous about needles but you’d like to try some injectables to smooth out those lines and wrinkles, we want you to know there’s nothing to worry about at LUX Med Spa. We employ not one, but two Master Injectors to perform these procedures. Sonya Kennedy is a registered nurse trained in using injectables like BOTOX Cosmetic and Lauren Duisberg is a nationally-certified physician assistant, so you can put your needle-phobia at ease knowing that only the best people will be administering BOTOX Cosmetic, JUVEDERM, and more!

We Can Solve Your Hairy Problems

Is life getting a little too hairy for you to handle? Let’s face it, nobody wants to see excessive body hair or facial hair when they look in the mirror. LUX Med Spa at Buckhead Plastic Surgery has three medical estheticians on staff, two of whom are also laser certified. They’ll employ the latest in laser hair removal technology to make that extra hair go bye-bye, so you can say goodbye to that hairy gorilla in your mirror every morning.

Our Massage Therapists are the Best

You wouldn’t let just anybody give you a rub down, which is why LUX Med Spa employs two Certified Massage Therapists with decades of combined experience in the various modalities of massage. Whether you’ve got muscle aches or you’re just looking to unwind after a tough week, our massage therapists have that magic touch that will have you feeling amazing again.

It can be hard to choose the right Med Spa but with LUX Med Spa at Buckhead Plastic Surgery, it’s really a no-brainer. We’ve got the best people, the best equipment, and the latest treatments all under one roof, so selecting the right Med Spa should be an obvious choice. If you live in the Buckhead area and are looking to get some non-surgical cosmetic procedures, (404) 465-1234 for LUX Med Spa should be the first number you dial. Call us today or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation today so you can get on the road to looking better, younger, and more relaxed (or just less hairy). We can’t promise you’ll get your own reality show, but we can have you looking Kardashian fabulous in no time!