It’s so common for women to look in the mirror and notice the changes that come with age. It can be discouraging when the version of yourself you see in the mirror doesn’t match the youthful version of yourself you feel like on the inside. Especially after having children, it is common for women to feel like they’ve lost themselves a bit. This is why breast augmentation surgeries are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that are performed. 

When considering breast surgery you may be interested in a breast lift, implants, or both. Some patients benefit from just one of these procedures but for others, their optimal results are found in a combination of both. It’s normal to have questions when considering a cosmetic procedure and we are here to help! We’re going to explain both procedures and answer some common questions so you can have a better understanding of what might be best for you. However, even the best internet research can’t replace a trained professional. Feel free to book a consultation with us, you can voice your concerns and ask questions in a comfortable, pressure-free environment.

What happens during a breast lift procedure?

Breast lift procedures are extremely common. After anesthesia is administered; a small incision is made starting around the areola and moving vertically down the underside of the breast and then horizontally along the natural breast crease. The underlying breast tissue can then be reshaped to a more pleasing contour. The nipple and areola are repositioned to a higher more youthful position, and any excess skin is removed to compensate for lack of elasticity. If you would like, the areolas can also be minimized at the time of the lift. Your incisions are then closed carefully to minimize any visible scarring. 

Common Questions about the Breast Lift

  • Who is a good candidate?
    Good candidates for a lift procedure are patients who are unhappy with their current breasts and have experienced sagging or loss of elasticity in the skin on the chest. This is common after major weight loss, pregnancy, or naturally with age. Good candidates are in good overall health, non-smokers, have realistic expectations of what is possible with this procedure, and have maintained their weight for around a year.
  • How long is the recovery?
    Depending on the demands of your current lifestyle, most patients miss between 3-7 days of work and have to make lifestyle adjustments for 6-12 weeks while their breast tissue heals.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of this procedure varies from patient to patient based on your specific surgical needs. Call us today to get an accurate quote, and ask about our patient financing options. 

What happens during an implant procedure?

During a breast implant surgery, anesthesia is administered, then an incision is made in the natural crease below the breast. Then the surgeon will either place the agreed upon implant under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle and the incisions are closed. 

Common questions about Breast Implants

  • How safe are they?
    Both Saline and Silicone breast implants are considered safe and have been administered to patients for many years.
  • Who is a good candidate?
    Good candidates for implant surgery are patients who are unhappy with the size of their breasts. They have a realistic idea of what results are achievable with implant surgery, are in good overall health, and are non-smokers.
  • How much does it cost?
    Breast Implant surgery costs vary from patient to patient based on a variety of factors, however, the cost of this surgery at Buckhead Plastic Surgery starts at $6,800 although patient financing options are available.
  • How long is the recovery?
    For most patients, the recovery time is 3-5 day, a week at the most. You’ll need to make a few lifestyle adjustments for the next 3 weeks while your body continues to heal.  

What happens during a combination surgery?

It is becoming increasingly more popular to combine these two procedures to achieve maximum results. Especially for women who have experienced multiple pregnancies, it’s common for breasts to lose shape and volume. With a combination procedure, the implant can add the volume that is desired and the reshaping can improve elasticity and perkiness that has been lost. 

During the combination surgery, anesthesia is administered. Then a small incision is made around the areola down the breast tissue and beneath the breast, the underlying tissue is resculpted and the implant is put in place. Any excess skin is removed and the areola is repositioned if necessary. Then the incisions are closed in such a way to minimize scarring. 

  • Who is a good candidate?
    The best candidates for a combination procedure are women who are unhappy with the shape, volume, and position of their breast tissue. They are non-smokers in good overall health who have a realistic understanding of what is possible with this procedure.
  • Is it safe?
    This combination procedure is considered safe and effective and is extremely common.
  • How long is the recovery?
    While most patients will require missing at least one week of work, the overall recovery time is 6-12 weeks. During this time a few lifestyle adjustments need to be made and some swelling and discomfort are to be expected as your body continues to heal.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of this surgical procedure depends on many factors. Your personal body, the size and type of implants used, and the amount of change that needs to be made to the skin and tissue. To get an exact quote, call us today to schedule your free consultation, and Dr. Larsen and his team will be happy to answer all your questions. 

What’s best for me?

Only you can decide which procedure is best for you. However, you don’t have to make that decision alone. Call us today to book your consultation. You’ll be able to meet with Dr. Larsen and ask questions in a pressure-free environment. He can examine the area you’d like treated and give you his professional recommendation. He’ll even be able to show you before and after pictures of patients just like you. He can explain the pros and cons of each procedure in more detail and help you decide which procedure will provide you with your optimal results. 

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