Our LUX Med Spa is excited to announce 3 NEW Skin Treatment options available on the LUX Spa Menu starting May 2017, This Month we will be introducing 1. Microcurrent, 2. Microneedling, and 3. Microblading with individual breakdowns on the blog weekly.

This week’s blog breakdown will begin with Microcurrent aka “The non-surgical face lift”

We all know the benefit of frequent workouts and physical activities resulting in toned and strengthened muscles, but have you ever thought about working out your face? Sounds crazy I know, but think about it, what exercises are offered that keep your face healthy and toned? Microcurrent is the solution-Think of it

as frequencies and light that stimulate and workout your facial muscles helping to restore & rejuvenate the skin resulting in tightened, toned and lifted skin; often referred to as the non surgical face-lift!

“Regardless of what studies are looked at, most concur with and support the conclusion that healthy cellular function is necessary for a healthy, vibrant body, including the appearance of skin and muscle tone. People understand that, as the human body ages, there exists a natural degradation of cellular function, which is represen­tative of a lack of ATP synthesis ultimately responsible to power the cell. It is also known that specific outside sources, including microcurrent, light-activated rejuvenation, and oxygen-infusion technology, can have a substantial impact on the stimulation of ATP synthesis, as well as work in harmony with the natural functions of the body.” – SKININC

Who knew facial training could easily be incorporated into your skin care regimen and that your aesthetician could double as your personal trainer? Most are referring to the microcurrent treatment as one step closer to the fountain of youth. SIGN ME UP! FACIAL BOOT-CAMP! Are you ready to take the plunge? It will be the easiest workout you have ever tried…..quite relaxing actually. If you’d like to set up a complimentary skin assessment or book a skin care treatment with our LUX MED Spa, contact 404- 465-1234

That’s your skincare Science of Sexy: A Practice Perspective, Stay tuned for more on our month of Micros!

Kaci Pedersen, kaci@buckheadps.com

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