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In this video, watch as Double Board Plastic Surgeon, Alan N Larsen, MD removes excess skin & fat from his patient’s mid section while performing a life changing Tummy Tuck procedure.

A Tummy Tuck, can accomplish what exercise and dieting cannot – a flat abdominal area that helps renew your confidence in your body.

Our patient, 5’2,” 137 lbs and a proud mother of two, was 30 years old at the time of surgery. After multiple C-sections she suffered from Diastasis Recti, the separating of the abdominal muscles, and an Umbilical Hernia. Dr. Larsen performed a Tummy Tuck, also known as an Abdominolplasty, removing excess skin and fatty tissue, adding extra muscle tightening and was able to repair her Diastasis Recti and Umbilical Hernia at the time of surgery. Dr. Larsen performed a liposuction procedure to her flanks (not seen in this video), removing fat from her backside to create a more proportional shape, as you can see in her before and after picture results.

Men and women considering a Tummy Tuck at Buckhead Plastic Surgery can request a consultation using our online form or give our office a call at 404.367.9005 and a member of our team will help schedule your appointment to meet Dr. Larsen and talk about your options.

If you are interested in talking to Dr. Larsen about a Tummy Tuck or Mommy Makeover procedure, call us today at 404.367.9005 to book your consultation. Let Dr. Larsen examine and present you with the options that will give your most optimal results. This is a perfect time to get your questions about all of the possible procedures involved answered and see before & after pictures from other patients just like you.

For More info about the Tummy Tuck Procedure Download our Ebook: “THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO TUMMY TUCKS”

Tummy Tuck

Before & After Photos

Alan N Larsen, MD, Double Board Plastic Surgeon at Buckhead Plastic Surgery
Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your
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“Great outcome!
Exactly as described and desired. I receive compliments all the time and my body is back in the shape it was before children and c-sections (if not a bit better).”*
*Your results may vary.